Los Angeles Lakers fan pepper sprays Utah Jazz fan after game -

Los Angeles Lakers fan pepper sprays Utah Jazz fan after game

It’s been well-documented that the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling this year.  I mean, they’re 1-4 and their only win is against the winless Detroit Pistons; not exactly a dream season thus far.  It’s understandable that their fan base, which is enormous, would be upset, especially with the high expectations coming into the season, but this would be what we like to call someone going over the top.

The Salt Lakes Times is reporting that a pair of Lakers fans were in attendance at the game in Utah and started talking trash about the Jazz.  Some Jazz fans took exception to this (obviously) and started to talk back, when the Lakers fans challenged them to a fight.  The Jazz fans declined and the Lakers fans ended up getting tossed from the arena.

Apparently though, the Lakers fans hadn’t had enough.  They waited around the arena until the game was over and went looking for the Jazz fans that they had wanted to mix it up with.

“The Lakers’ fans spotted the Jazz fans standing on the corner of 100 South and 400 West and started trash talking again. At that point, one of the Lakers’ fans pulled out pepper spray fogger and let loose with it, police said.”

This is beyond ridiculous.  It is to be expected that when you go to someone else’s arena that they aren’t always going to be kind and treat you with class, but to go into a hostile arena, starting to talking trash, then get ejected and wait for them to leave the game is absolutely absurd.  In no way is this behavior normal or socially acceptable.  It’s one-thing to challenge someone to a fight and have them say no, and it’s something completely different to then pepper spray them because they won’t fight you.

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  1. Diana
    November 9, 2012 - 

    This is a repost. I originally Left on ksl.com.
    Before there are any judgements. I am a Jazz Fan being from Utah. My Boyfriend is a Lakers Fan being from LA.
    I was also there. I walked infront of the Jazz fans for about a block. There were four of them. only one of them seemed routy and very aggrivated. This One in particular stood out, his friend kept calming him and told him it was just a game. Then they continued to talk about how plastered they were. Especially the aggrivated one. His speech was inpaired and I could smell the liquor. As we walked they began talking about a “tough guy” and how he got kicked out. The man “assulted” began to say how he wouldve “kicked the guys butt” as we reached the street, the car the laker fan was in was going to turn right. Somehow, the laker fan in the car was the man they had been talking about for a block. They began to point and taunt the laker fan in the car. You could tell the laker fan was surprised to see the men aagain. The laker fan cracked the window and simply said, “whats up?” The Jazz fan then called the laker fan out of the car. At this point you could tell they remembered one another. The laker fan hessitated but began to open the door. By this time the Jazz fan had already left the safety of the sidewalk and was in the process of hitting the laker fan. It was obvious he intended to assult the laker fan. The laker fan then peppersprayed the individual. Then the friend that was trying to calm his drunk friend kicked the car the laker fan was in. Then the car proceeded with the right turn and drove off. Therefore, The laker fan did NOT initiate the fight OUTSIDE. I dont doubt there was an altercation inside, nor do i know who was at fault (inside the arena). What i DO know is that the laker fan was in the process of being attacked by the DRUNK jazz fan, and it was pure coincidence that they had ran into one another. The laker fan also couldnt have sped off as most of you are saying becasue the light was red, they were already in the turning lane, and there were pedestrians crossing the street and blocking the right hand turn they were trying to make. the laker fan was surrounded. I dont agree with this type of behavior, but if i was in the lakers fan situation i wouldve pepper sprayed the Drunk jazz fan as well.
    Its a shame that based on a Team Preference people are stereotyped. Jazz fans are just as loud, drunk, and aggressive as Lakers fans. Now if the story was turned, the Title of this article would read; Jazz fan is forced to use pepper spray in self defense against angry Laker mob”. Keep in mind, I too, am a Jazz Fan, Born and raised in Utah. As we left the scene, my boyfriend and I also discussed the matter with two other JAzz Fans, who also agreed that the Jazz fan was at fault here.

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