Miami Heat win 2012 NBA Finals- Chris Bosh enjoys Champagne to face -
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Miami Heat win 2012 NBA Finals- Chris Bosh enjoys Champagne to face

We can all live happily ever after; the Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions.

LeBron James’ got his first career Championship. Now he’s only 4 behind Kobe and 6 to MJ (but who’s counting). I’m happy for James, and tip my cap for the way he handled ‘winning championships’ in a professional manner- a welcoming sight for any sports fan.

Props to Shane Battier for putting on a show through the Finals, and winning both an NCAA and NBA title. The former Dukie was the unexpected difference maker in the series, hitting big three pointer after three pointer.  Can’t forget the old man, Juwan Howard, and the impact he had in the series (he carried the load for the Heat when he helped LeBron off the court with his leg injury).  At the age of 39, Howard is first member of Michigan’s Fab 5 to win an NCAA or NBA Championship, and can finally hang the sneakers up on top.

For the Oklahoma City, they have a very bright future.  Will likely be in the exact same spot next season, in the Finals.  Although Durant was less than sensational in the NBA Finals, like  he was during the rest of the playoffs, he is a terrific talent and arguably the best player in the league.  The Thunder organization will have a few big decisions with Harden and Ibaka’s expiring contracts, but with a core of Westbrook and Durant, this team is certainly going to get a Championship before it’s all said and done.

Chris Bosh is just happy to be along for the ride.

Caption, anyone?

Top photo via Bleacher Report. Gif and bottom photo via Sbnation

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