Dwight Howard Traded to the Lakers in 4-Team Deal -

Dwight Howard Traded to the Lakers in 4-Team Deal

A seismic shift has taken place in the NBA with Dwight Howard now officially leaving the East Coast for the green pastures of the West Coast that is the Los Angeles Lakers. The 10 player, four team trade will see the Lakers receive Dwight Howard, the Denver Nuggets receive Andre Igudala, the 76ers acquire Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson, and the Magic receive Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic and three first round draft picks, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein. Also included in the trade will be Earl Clark, Chris Duhon, and Moe Harkless.

While the Dwight Howard trade appeared eminent for some time, it came at a time when other teams had offered the Magic better offers (Brook Lopez anyone?). The threefold question then becomes, why did the Magic complete this trade and what does this mean for them and the NBA?

To answer the first question? The Magic were desperate. Knowing that Howard would not be re-signing following the 2012-2013 season, it was getting close to being now or never for the team and when communication opened between the four teams, the Magic finally had a chance to ship out the team cancer that Howard had become for some young talent with Afflalo and a solid shooter in Harrington.

What does this mean for the Magic and its fan base? Sorry to have to say it but it’s time to let the rebuilding begin. By trading away the 5-time All-Star, the Magic have put a lot of faith in young center Daniel Orton and a team now built to shoot the three. Let’s be honest though, with this trade, the Magic have taken a huge step backward and will most likely be out of the playoffs for the next few years.

The last question is easy to answer. What does this mean for the NBA? It means the Lakers are now the favorite to win the West and probably now become the last line of defense against the Miami Heat winning another championship.

The Thunder don’t have enough big men who can stand up to Howard and Gasol and Kobe showed during last season and in this year’s Olympics that he indeed does still have some good ball in him and with the addition of a veteran, shooting point guard in Steve Nash to spread the floor, you now have a formidable, top team in the West. Throw in a defensive stopper in Ron Artest? I’m not sure any team in the West can top that starting five.

The sad truth about this trade is that with its completion, the Philadelphia 76er’s, the Denver Nuggets, and the Los Angeles Lakers all became better teams. The Magic? They have gotten worse. Although there are still draft picks that will have to pan out, this trade was good for everyone involved except for the Magic.



  1. Markus
    August 10, 2012 - 

    I’ve been reading your box scorn stuff too, it is really quite enjoyable. A few things about this trade from my perspective…the Lakers are old! Dwight makes them better defensively so maybe Durant, Harden and Westbrook blowing by their defenders won’t be as troublesome but this trade didn’t make them younger on the perimeter. Also I believe the Thunder still have a year of Perkins and Ibaka so they still have size to match up with LA for one more season. Few bigs guard Dwight as well as Perkins. The Spurs still are quite deep (deeper than LA in my opinion) so they are a real threat to both OKC and LA. Didnt Denver take LA to 7 games? Didn’t they upgrade with Andre on the wing? I think LA upgraded their roster but they aren’t head and shoulders above the West to me.

    Wow the Magic got hosed. Houston and the Nets offered them so much more. Houston ran the risk of losing Dwight at the end of the season but that doesn’t effect Orlando. They were by far the biggest short term loser in this deal. They will be terrible for several years so maybe one of their draft picks will turn out well for them.

    Just a few of my thoughts, keep up the good work!

  2. Trevor Burnett
    August 27, 2012 - 

    Like Shaq before him, Dwight leaves Orlando for L.A. And after the building of a brand new arena in O-Town. Looks like the building continues. I’ve been down in Tampa for a few years now and have never been to a Magic game. I’ve been planning to go see the Pistons play them, but I’ve been afraid Detroit would get stomped. Well the 2012-13 season might be the time to buy a ticket to that game as a Detroit fan. Yea, only a couple weeks after this article was posted, the L.A. Dodgers acquire Adrian Gonzalez, Nick Punto, and Carl Crawford from the Red Sox who are now in a rebuilding state of their own. And while Los Angeles teams are beefing up, I feel bad for the Orlando faithful who seemed to have lost big on this deal. But I must say, if the guy doesn’t want to play there, than screw him. They are better off rebuilding a roster with players who want to play on the team. And I agree that the Lakers are old, but Steve Nash has gotten close to raising the Larry O’Brien and to finally raise it would be a heck of way to go out. With age, they all have more experience and Nash has plenty of post-season games under his belt. But same goes for San Antonio. And that team still has that core group of players along with a playoff tenured coach. It’s gonna be interesting in L.A. Looks great on paper. We’ll have to see

    Great article!

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