Chris Bosh blocks Danny Green's shot as time expired in OT of Game 6 -

Chris Bosh blocks Danny Green’s shot as time expired in OT of Game 6

BoshblockChris Bosh had several huge defensive plays at the end of Game 6 to help the Miami Heat pull out the thrilling three point victory over the San Antonio Spurs. Good no call by the refs on this Bosh block of Green as time expired in overtime. Bosh also had another huge swat near the end of overtime on Tony Parker. Seems as though Bosh was right when he said of Danny Green prior to Game 6: “We wont leave him open tonight.” Green finished with three points on 1-of-5 shooting from the three point line.

Thursday’s Game 7 can’t come soon enough.
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  1. Brad
    June 19, 2013 - 


  2. Aaron A
    June 19, 2013 - 

    easy no call. Pure block.

  3. tito tino
    June 19, 2013 - 

    As a die hard fan and a hs coach as well as having no horse in this race at all…that was a foul. No matter how much time.. strong body contact was made before the release of the basketball. Point Blank joey crawford and crew missed it…but that is no surprise in todays nba

    • B_Koool
      June 19, 2013 - 

      Contact before the release? There was no release….it was blocked solidly in his hand. The block happens slightly “before” the body contact….but there was no release. In a game ending play in the NBA Finals….it’s already known that the refs will let them play unless it’s blatantly clear. They don’t want to end a game on a foul call that can go either way. If you noticed….they let a LOT of contact happen in the 4th quarter. It’s a good non-call as the block was clearly before the body contact. Also it’s what they call a “bam bam” call….in real time it happens ridiculously fast and so fast that all you see initially is the block….all ball block! I feel your pain…..but it’s a good call at the end of finals game.

      • fghfghfgh
        June 20, 2013 - 

        When you have that nice slow motion, you still say that was block before contact? It was contact before block clearly. I suggest you go check your eyes before posting comments.

  4. Dont Matter
    June 26, 2013 - 

    That was the weakest body bump I have ever seen. Guys get mugged down low all the time with no calls. If you look, the bump comes when danny green tries to force the shot and his body turns into bosh. Like anyone else who has pointed it out, the illegal screen by Splitter on ray allen would also have to be called a foul. They let both teams play for the most part. Even so the Spurs still shot more free throws in the series then the Heat. And also missed important ones down the stretch (Leonard). Also, idk why any Spurs fan would want to watch their team lose twice in one game. Green gets fouled…shoots 3 free throws (has to make them all which Spurs struggled all night with free throws) plus if there would have been a foul then that means there would have still been over 1 sec of time on the clock. Thats a lot of time in the NBA. And either way, the Heat would go on to win in double OT. It was over once Ray Allen hit that 3 and the Spurs were nearly out of gas already and clearly shaken up by giving up a 5 point lead with 28 sec. There are too many what if’s to justify if that play shouldve been called a foul. A better discussion topic is why Duncan was on the bench for that last play of regulation. The guy dominated the boards all night and his chances of grabbing that rebound wouldve been good. But again, thats another what if. Heres a fact: the Miami Heat are the 2013 NBA Finals Champions. No doubt about that.

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