Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert says who they're drafting on Twitter -

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert says who they’re drafting on Twitter


This tweet by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert should clear up any questions about who the Cavs will be selecting with the No.1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.  It’s good to see that Gilbert isn’t letting any pressure get to him and is clearly having fun. We’ll know tonight which one of the mentioned players (Nerlens Noel/Alex Len/Anthony Bennett/Ben McLemore/Otto Porter/Victor Oladipo) the Cavs take.

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  1. Greg Johnson
    June 27, 2013 - 

    What the he*** is going on? Last year we wasted our first round draft pick on someone that doesn’t know the meaning of TEAM ball. Sure Waiters would be okay coming off the bench but he is not a team player and hurt the chemistry more than helps.
    Now, we pick yet another forward with a less than spectacular resume when we have a warehouse full of forwards that are so-so.
    What is going on? Okay, unless they have a plan that includes someone like an Andrew Bynum, bad knees and all, my season tickets are cancelled. We are building a team of journeymen that will force Kyrie to leave just as Lebron left. Why do we even have a team if we are going for journeymen and folks that do not stand a chance of actually helping the team unless we want to make certain that the salary cap is at a level to bring James back. Unless we are going to get Bynum and James. Who the hell knows what the crazy thinking is that’s going on in the Cav’s head offices.
    Tristan will always be a light weight forward with a couple of flashes but NEVER a major contributor. Anderson is done in a lot of ways. First he can’t carry a team without breaking down and even if he were asked to carry the team he needs help – serious help. We have not had a legit BIG man since Brad Daugherty mention Z and others but Z came to Cleveland with screws in his feet and could never jump more than six inches off the ground. The two guys in the middle now are afraid to knock other Centers on the ground or can’t stop anyone coming down the lane and everyone knows it. What the heck is going on?

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