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We reported earlier this week that Kevin Love could be in play for the Los Angeles Lakers if he chooses to opt-out of his contract with the Cavs this summer. Bill Simmons on his B.S. Report podcast, sat down with Grantland’s Zach Lowe, and as he often does, had some really interesting takes.

Transcribe via Waiting For Next Year:

Bill Simmons: I think another thing that’s happening right now is these teams that are hoping that Kevin Love—this Cavs thing is going to be a disaster and that Kevin Love will be in play this summer. And you’re seeing something that I actually predicted last week. You’re going to see teams start leaking stuff that’s not true—an intentional sabotage. We’ve already seen one article this week. ‘Lakers feel that they have a chance to get Love next summer.’ Oh, OK. really? You do? You think Love’s going to jump to your 6-76 team? I think some of these teams are going to float stuff out. Like if this Cavs situation—you know, let’s say they’re 16-11 and let’s say it’s a little rocky and you have a couple Kyrie and Dion Waiters-type, a couple more of those moments—all these teams are going to start leaking stuff that ‘it’s not what Love thought.’ This is stuff that’s going to happen, and how Cleveland handles that is going to be really interesting. And how Kevin Love handles it is going to be interesting. I think he’d be crazy to leave LeBron, but you know—you never know. There’s going to be 20 teams chasing him.

[Waiting For Next Year]

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