Indian's closer goes off on A's fan -

Indian’s closer goes off on A’s fan

To say that the relationship between baseball players and their fans is temperamental would be an understatement. A pitcher has a bad couple starts or a batter goes through a slump and even the Diehard fans can begin to start a ruckus.

Before Sunday’s game between the Cleveland Indians and the Oakland Athletics, the relationship between fan and player turned sour quickly.

Responding to a heckling Oakland A’s fan, closer Chris Perez went on the offensive, shouting obscenities and even going as far as telling the fan, “Get your dick out of your mouth.”

While no physical altercation took place, the damage was done.  We don’t know all the details about what led to this, but we do know that during the altercation, the fan never actually swore at Perez.

Maybe Perez was having a bad day, who knows? Check your mailbox, Perez. You should be expecting a letter from Commissioner Selig soon.

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