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Seventh Grader Oliver Wahlstrom commits to University of Maine for Hockey

Seventh Grade hockey prospect Oliver Wahlstrom, currently playing for North Yarmouth Academy’s Varsity hockey team, has committed to the University of Maine for the fall of 2019.  Yes, you read that right, fall of 2019.  If Wahlstrom’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he has been in the spotlight before.  Four years ago, he pulled off a filthy spin-o-rama lacrosse style shootout goal between periods of a Boston Bruins game:

And then he followed it up with this beauty in a 2012 hockey tournament:

The kid clearly has game, and he’s got the stats to back it up; particularly impressive because he is only in 7th grade.

I personally don’t support a kid committing to a school this young, nor do I think school’s should be offering kid’s this age, but it’s still got to be exciting for Wahlstrom.

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