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Minor league hockey brawl fills bench

This is one of the rarest things you will ever see in hockey, a brawl that enters the benches, and is completely the referees fault.

It was a good fight between SPHL’s Huntsville Havoc and Mississippi Surge, but dangerous for all players involved. I’m sure there will be some suspensions coming, and the penalty summary is absolutely unreal. These type of hockey brawls aren’t very likely to happen again, so enjoy it while you can.

The 3rd period penalty summary via Puck Daddy.

Here’s the YouTube description of the video from the uploader, brett595.

After many missed chances to call spearing Referee Peter MacDougall waited a bit to late to try and control the game.

With just a few minutes left in the 3rd period the Mississippi Surge pull a Havoc player into the bench. Thee Havoc clear their bench to protect their teammate who is getting pummeled by the Surge players.

Referee Peter MacDougall should be the one suspended in my opinion for allowing the game to get that out of hand.

HT Puck Daddy 

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