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Insane Youth Hockey Brawl in Russia

In a youth hockey tournament in Novokuznetsk, Russia there was this massive brawl between these players that were born in 2002 (that makes them 10-11 years old).  It doesn’t seem anyone was hurt too badly since the gloves and helmets stayed on, but some of the kids did do some serious flips onto the ice that were put into slow motion in the video for emphasis.

The Puck Daddy Blog does a great job of summing up the lowlights:

• Fifty seconds into this mess, a player from the blue team comes flying at a pile of players and does a full flip onto his head. Then, for his trouble, he gets pounded on by an opponent while he’s lifting himself off the ice.

• At the 1:08 mark, check the middle of the screen, as a white player goes all Ralphie on Scut Farkus, ashe sits on his opponent and levels him with punches to the head.

• Twice in the video, a gang of white jersey players swarm a blue jersey player and beat the stuffing out of him like they’re in a prison yard. (OK, Gulag yard). The final time, in the clip’s final moments, is insane.

• Finally, after nearly two minutes of unencumbered chaos … hey, look, adults! Nice to see you. Finally.

What the hell took the adults so long to sort this out?  No need for this in youth hockey.  The only thing worse than this is the parents fighting in the stands.

[Puck Daddy Blog]

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