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Benches Clear During Polish Hockey League Brawl Featuring Mike Danton

KH Sanok and Podhale were facing off in a Polish League game when a bench clearing brawl started. Former NHLer and convicted felon Mike Danton (#34 in black) who spent 65 months in prison was actually involved in the brawl too. After getting some major negative comments for his role in the fight, Danton took to Facebook to clarify what happened:

BEFORE you watch this video of last nights game against Podhale (in yellow) there are a couple things I would like to say. I have been reading a lot of comments regarding my actions last night.

People (clearly, not hockey knowledgable people) are stating that I am a violent person … I spent 7-8 years in prison (which is incorrect) … that my “violent nature” hasn’t improved since my years in prison … and that I shouldn’t be allowed to play my style in Europe.

Here is a break down of what happened last night (and you can judge for yourself while watching the video).

Jordan Knox (91 – in black) was hit from behind close to their bench. I came in to stick up for him, as any good teammate would do. Once I grabbed the player that hit Knoxy from behind, about 5-7 players on Podhale’s BENCH began to punch me in the face, stick me in the face and slash me over the helmet with their sticks (later, I was told by my teammates that their COACH was instructing his players on the bench to attack me). So, I dropped my gloves and began to fight with the instigating player.

Due to the fact I was receiving countless blows from their bench, I pulled the player away from the bench and began to show him what happens when you hit someone from behind and then pick a fight with someone that you shouldn’t have.

Was I mad? Yes! Angry? Yes! Why? Oh, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was fighting 7 players (6 of them on the bench) at the same time.

Therefore, all of you “knowledgable hockey fans” that stated I was violent and, once again, the bad guy in all of this … get your head out of your [expletive], look at the evidence and shut your mouths. Actions create consequences.

Bottom line is: you hit someone from behind or stick them in the face or start a fight with someone, you better be ready to get in a fight. Live by the sword and die by the sword. Hope you enjoy the video, I did!

The game ended up getting called after the brawl with Sanok leading 3-0.

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