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Golfer swallowed by 18-foot sinkhole at Illinois course

Who knew a golf course could be such a dangerous thing?  Mark Mihal, a co-founder of and mortgage broker, was playing a round of golf at the Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo, Illinois when he fell into an 18-foot deep sinkhole.

Here is a piece of the story written by his wife.

He was having a great round and lots of laughs with his buddies. They were in the fairway on No. 14; Mark had already hit his second shot when he went to check out the distance for his playing partner, Mike Peters, who was getting ready to hit. Mike had his back to Mark and when he turned to say something to him, Mark was gone.

After a failed attempt to get Mark out of the 18-foot deep and 10-foot wide hole with a ladder, one member of his foursome went down into the hole and helped hoist Mark, who had a separated shoulder, up to the ladder and out of the cave.

Read the entire account here.

Pic: Golf Manna

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