Fans in China stealing Michael Phelps' golf balls on 'Haney Project' -
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Fans in China stealing Michael Phelps’ golf balls on ‘Haney Project’

Michael Phelps seems to be enjoying himself since announcing his retirement after the 2012 Summer Games. Phelps got to party with the Super Bowl Champs Baltimore Ravens and take batting practice with the Baltimore Orioles, his two hometown teams.

Now Phelps is participating in The Haney Project on the Golf Show. We’ve already seen the worst from Phelps, throwing clubs while playing at St. Andrews.

During the most recent episode, Phelps is finding that people are stealing his golf balls while playing a round in China.  Although Phelps did seem frustrated at times, even using the word “TIC” (This is China), he did a good job of keeping his cool. Any one willing to take a bet that Phelps returns to the pool for 2016 Games after watching this?

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