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This week’s College Football Jersey Trend: Oregon and Mississippi State going full Stormtrooper

College Football team’s have had a lot of similar ideas this year, with blackout’s and throwback uniforms.  This week though, the theme is to go “full stormtrooper.”  Both of these uniforms look utterly fantastic and use a great job of utilizing the white/silver combo.

The Oregon Ducks have taken it a step further though and have created a slogan and a t-shirt for the game, going with “Storm LA.”  This will be the third time in recent history that they will be wearing a stormtrooper-esque look (Boise State 2009 and USC 2010).

The Mississippi State Bulldogs unveiled their stormtrooper uniform a bit earlier in the year, but this is their first time experimenting with the all-white stormtrooper look for the”Snow Bowl” against Texas A&M.

(Egg Bowl Uniforms for Ole Miss on left, Snow Bowl on Right)

This helmet is exactly what I wish Boise State would have done with their pro combat uniform.  Having the big logo on both sides is much better look and gives the uniform better balance.

H/T: Lost Lettermen

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