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The Big House is Now Bigger

The University of Michigan has been renovating the Big House since 2007. Improvements include 49 suites located on the West part of the stadium that cost around the $90,000 range a year and seat over 30 people. Just below these suites, Michigan offers and additional 850 seats that are conveniently covered from the sun. On the East side, they added another 36 suites located above the previous press boxes. The entire process took just around three years and cost $226 million dollars. This will be paid over time by suite sales, most likely purchased by large companies, and by the loyal fans who pony up $60 for a seat.

With the additions, the seating capacity was raised to 108,000 and keeps the title for biggest college football stadium in America.

Here are pictures taken by my sister, who even though has never been to a Michigan football game, still went to the opening of the stadium for the public.

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