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Nap time now part of Northwestern’s game plan for Nebraska

The Northwestern Wildcats unveiled their black uniforms that they will be wearing for the game this weekend against Nebraska, but that isn’t all that they have decided to change up for the Nebraska game.

On September 15th in a game against the Boston College Eagles, Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald noticed that his team came out sluggish for the 3:30 PM EST (2:30 PM CT) game.  With this week’s game against Nebraska also slated for 3:30 PM EST, Fitzgerald has decided to change up the game plan after a meeting with team leaders.

Fitzgerald wanted to know why they came out slow and why didn’t they start fast; what was the players excuse?  The Senior leaders told him that the game time didn’t allow for them to take their pre-game naps.  Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “NU players typically arrive at the team complex at 6:50 a.m. for meetings, practice from 8:50 to 10:30, attend class and then snooze in the early afternoon. So Saturday’s itinerary will call for an early breakfast and a nap at around 9:30.”

Fitzgerald was not happy about it, but was willing to accommodate his players; all in the effort to get a big victory over Nebraska.  The players on the other hand, love the idea of a mandatory team nap time.  This way they get to get their nap in and they can show up well-rested.

There will be no excuses for a slow start this weekend for the six and one Wildcats now.  With the game being at home, the fantastic black uniforms, and now the Head Coach is accommodating nap time, the Wildcats should have plenty of motivation to come out with a fast start.  If they don’t, you can guarantee that Fitzgerald will be upset and the players will probably lose their new nap time.

NCAA Football

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