Mother Of UCF Coach Once Took Shot At UM, Called Them 'Wolverwhines'
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Mother Of UCF Coach Once Took Shot At UM, Called Them ‘Wolverwhines’

Scott Frost, UCF’s first-year coach, has quite a bit of history with Michigan. The former Nebraska quarterback led the Cornhuskers to a shared National Championship (with the Wolverines) in 1997.  After Nebraska beat Tennessee to go 13-0 that year, Frost issued the following quote:

You know, if all the pollsters honestly think, after watching the Rose Bowl and watching the Orange Bowl, that Michigan could beat Nebraska, go ahead and vote Michigan, by all means.

Meanwhile, Carol Frost, Scott’s mother, was also a bit critical of Michigan.  Following Nebraska’s win over Michigan in the 2005 Alamo Bowl, here’s an email she sent The Wolverine staff:

Thank you for reminding me which National Championship my Scotty won for Nebraska in the 1990’s. At my age, 60, I get mixed up occasionally on which one of the three National Championships my Scotty won for Nebraska in the 1990’s (It’s hard for me to remember because they win them so often.)

Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for the Wolverwhines who only win National Championships in Football every 50 years or so. I guess I didn’t get so hung up on the National title that Nebraska won in 1997 because they won 3 in a four year span in the 1990’s and 5 in a twenty-eight year span between 1970 and 1997. I remember the first one they one in 1970 because I graduated from Nebraska in 1966. I guess if we only won the National title every 50 years, I would have been upset, too, when Nebraska and my Scotty stole the show from the Wolverwhines in the 1990’s.

By the way, Scotty sends his best. He’s retired from the NFL now after 5 years. I think he said he was making about $346,000.00 a year while in the Pros, which is probably more than all of you poor misled Wolverwhines make in a year combined.

Sorry to hear that the Wolverwhines lost to the Cornhuskers in the Alamo bowl. Hope poor Lloyd doesn’t lose his job. Seems like a lot of teams we beat this year lost their coaches. The maze, black, and blue will have other years. I expect you’ll win another National Championship in Football around the year 2046. Hope you all find enough to write about between now and then.

Best Regards,

Carol Frost

1968 Olympian, Mexico City

Kickoff of the Michigan – UCF game is Saturday at noon. Video of Frost following the Orange Bowl below:

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