Was Ryan Day Making An Excuse For OSU's Last Two Loses To Michigan?
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Was Ryan Day Making An Excuse For OSU’s Last Two Loses To Michigan?

Ryan Day, talking with the media ahead of Saturday’s undefeated matchup between Michigan and Ohio State, delivered the following quote regarding Michigan’s sign-stealing allegations:

“We’ve learned a lot about what’s gone on the last two years…I don’t think it does any good to comment on it right now. There’ll be a time and place for that. What matters is this game and getting our guys prepared to go win it.”

It has been reported that Day and Ohio State knew Michigan had their signs last year and changed up their signs. They still ended up losing 45-23 in Columbus.

Ohio State also apparently shared Michigan’s signs with Purdue for the Big Ten Championship Game.

There certainly is no love lost between the two rivals.

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