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Police Release Video Of Michigan WR Csont’e York Assaulting Man Outside Bar

It was announced last week that Michigan wide receiver Csont’e York was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules and it’s easy to see why. Police released the video of Csont’e punching a man outside of Scorekeeper’s bar (aka Skeeps). York is seen in the fishing hat and clearly sucker punches the other person. York’s blood alcohol level was at .057, well below the legal limit.


It knocked out a tooth and broke his jaw in three places, requiring it to be wired shut and necessitating the temporary use of a breathing tube, according to the police report, which was obtained along with the video via a Freedom of Information Act request.

There was also some sort of argument about hockey and football, according to the report.

A witness described for police what happened after he and the victim left Scorekeepers.
“A group of people were arguing about football and hockey. Everyone was talking … crap. … (The victim) was jaw-jacking. All (of a) sudden, the guy just came up and cold clocked (the victim).”

One witness said he thought York hit the victim because he is white, according to the report, but York and Jones told police it was because the men bumped into them.

York and Jones fled the scene on foot, but Ann Arbor police officers took them into custody around 5:47 a.m. that same day.

When interviewed by police, York said he had “very little” to drink and that after the left the bar, he and his group of friends stood around outside talking to people.

“A group of dudes walked by and bumped me,” he told police. “He was (so) close to me that he elbowed me as he walked by.”

During the altercation, York said one of the men “walked up on” his teammate,, according to the report.

“He pressed up on him face to face exchanging words for no reason,” York told police. “I got (nervous) and scared about the situation so I hit the guy. I punched him.”

Jones told police he thought the group of men were on the U-M hockey team, according to the report. There is no indication that the victim is on the hockey team.

Jones said the victim walked up and taunted him before York punched him.

Jones told police that as the victim leaned in, which is visible in the video, he said, “You think you’re really tough; you guys are some (expletive).”

The argument about hockey and football explains the rumor that it was a Michigan hockey player that York punched, which turns out was not true. Based on this video and this story, I have to believe that York is going to be kicked off the team. Some truly terrible decision making.


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