Jim Harbaugh's 6 Best Tweets As The Michigan Coach
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Jim Harbaugh’s 6 Best Tweets As The Michigan Coach

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It’s no surprise, based on these tweets, why Jim Harbaugh has accumulated over 400K Twitter followers in a little over a year. Not only has Harbaugh gone after entire conferences (SEC), the former Michigan quarterback has gone after the Athletic Director of the Wolverines’ biggest rival.  We compiled our six favorite tweets from the Michigan headman to date.

6. ‘The Georgia Coach’

Harbaugh’s tweet at Kirby Smart was related to the Wolverines’ spring practice at IMG Academy. Smart issued the following quote before Harbaugh fired back.

“There’s a lot of factors that people don’t think about in that deal. You’ve gotta think about recruiting rules, how are they going to handle those, is it an advantage, disadvantage? Are they gonna let other coaches come to it, are they gonna hold open practices? Do we all come in there and watch them and scout them? If they’re all open practices why don’t we go and watch them. It’s a Pandora’s Box of what it’s going to get into, obviously.”

Georgia and Michigan are actually doing a satellite camp together this summer in Atlanta.

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