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Father Of Five-Star In-State Recruit Makes Interesting Quotes On Michigan, Why Pledged To Bama

In an article highlighting why five-star Belleville HS DT Damon Payne picked Alabama in the Detroit Free Press, the father of Payne talked about how he is a Michigan fan and that the Wolverines stopped recruiting the top 20 recruit.

“I know it wasn’t Crowell,” Payne Sr. said (of Belleville coach Jermain Crowell who seemingly doesn’t have a good relationship with Harbaugh). “I know it had nothing to do with him. When you look at my mailbox, it’s filled with other schools. Michigan didn’t contact us. That’s just the way it is, whether they want to believe it or not. They didn’t contact us. They didn’t reach out. They haven’t sent a text message, a letter, nothing. We haven’t heard from them. That’s what it comes down to.

“I am a Michigan fan and they stopped recruiting us.”

It was believed that Payne was favoring playing in the SEC for a long time so that could be a reason for the Wolverines slowing down their recruitment.

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