Code Name For Michigan's Coaching Search For Harbaugh: 'Project Unicorn':
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Code Name For Michigan’s Coaching Search For Harbaugh: ‘Project Unicorn’:

Jim HarbaughMichigan Athletic Director Jim Hackett discussed the process of hiring Jim Harbaugh as its football coach on The Huge Show Friday. While Hackett discussed that Michigan couldn’t go through another ‘experiment hire’ again (Rich Rod, Brady Hoke), he also talked about the code name for going after the 49ers old coach.


“While there’s some fun with that name, the unicorn is about perfection, trying to find something that’s perfect,” Hackett said in a extended interview on the Huge Show syndicated on radio across Michigan. “But really the more important reason was to have a non-sensical name. Because we would be in the hallways, the small group that was working on this, we could say we were talking about unicorn.”

Listen to the entire interview here. Hackett also goes into detail how he initially talked with Jim Harbaugh’s dad, Jack, about whether or not his son might have interest in the job.

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