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Joe Milton’s Comments About The QB Race Will Excite Michigan Fans

While the team was in Paris for its trip, Joe Milton, a freshman QB who enrolled early, said the following about the Wolverines’ four-way QB race (via 247sports):

“I’m going to start with the guys that had already been here. Like Brandon… Brandon, he’s big, he’ll love to compete, he’s smart, knows how to control the ball. And Dylan, he’s been here, learned the system already, very competitive, he can run a little, he can throw. I think Dylan can throw far, too. Shea got here with me, we started on the same page. Me and Shea have been going back and forth since he first got here, when I first (saw) him. But like me and Shea, we go back and forth, but it’s like a better … like we better each other, no matter what goes on, and in practice and out of practice. We’re always competing. Like on the plane ride up, we were talking about plays, like in the two-minute drills. So, I mean, it’s just to better each other.”

“I think right now, after spring ball… I think it’s like a 4-way tie. I don’t know if anybody’s leading right now. Because like, I don’t want to hype myself up over nobody else, but I think it’s a tie right now.”

Who do you think will be the starter come week one against Notre Dame?

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