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Report: Jerry Sandusky to Write Second Book in Jail

In the wake of all the hoopla that is the Penn State scandal, the public has had a front row seat into the twisted world that is the arrest and trial of Jerry Sandusky, whether we wanted it or not.

That being said, Jerry Sandusky seems to think he has more to add to the discussion. Lostlettermen and Deadspin are reporting that now that Sandusky will likely be calling a prison cell home for the rest of his life, he is planning on filling some of his time by writing a second book

Details are scarce, but the book will most likely center on Sandusky’s claim of innocence and will be the second book he has written. The first book he wrote? That one was written in 2001 and was all too appropriately titled ‘Touched.’ (I’m serious. Sick, I know.)

Although the law forbids Sandusky from turning a profit from the book, which he is writing with help from his wife, Dottie, the question becomes, would you buy his book?

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