Gunner Kiel makes fun of Manti Te'o's situation on Twitter -

Gunner Kiel makes fun of Manti Te’o’s situation on Twitter

This is a good way for the true freshman quarterback to show how good of a teammate he is.  Granted Manti Te’o could have been lying to them for the past three years, but I guess supporting your teammate in a time of need is not Kiel’s style.  That being said, this is a pretty solid job of comedic relief on his part.

For those of you that don’t know what Catfish is, it’s a documentary that was made in 2010 about a young kid who falls in love with a girl over Facebook while his brother and friend film it.  Nev is the name of the kid that falls in love with the girl, Megan.  Eventually he confronts her because parts of her story doesn’t matchup and she says she is going into rehab/chemotherapy and cannot meet with him.  Soon he finds out from Megan’s mother that the photos he got of her were not actually Megan.  In the end, he never ends up meeting the girl.

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  1. Michael J Skalitzky
    January 17, 2013 - 

    This is a very strange situation but despite this so called negative revelation, no one can dispute what Manti accomplished on the playing field and this is all that is important to me.
    There is a whole lot more going on here and it will be interesting to find out who or whom is behind all this.

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