Former Buckeye Star Comes To Defense Of Harbaugh, Says NCAA Is Targeting Him
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Former Buckeye Star Comes To Defense Of Harbaugh, Says NCAA Is Targeting Him

Former Ohio State star RB Maurice Clarett went further in supporting Jim Harbaugh with his latest tweet. Clarett posted the following in the direction of the NCAA not wanting share its revenue with the players:

I have my personal opinions about Michigan and what’s going on. My opinions aren’t biased and I call things like they are. I got former teammates, good friends, homeboys and ppl I know that went to Michigan. This Harbaugh situation in my humble opinion has more to do with college athletics as a whole and not the silly things they’ve been investigated for. I’ve been in a NCAA investigation with a university and seen the lengths they will go to, to hide the main reason of the vindictive behavior. Harbaugh is the only person who spoke like this and this is against the core of what NCAA stands for. It’s major exploitation on lots of levels and you can’t have a premier coach on a premier football team championing this type of mission. It’s a kick in the nuts to the establishment. They’ve cycled these Michigan stories in your face to make you think that it was as important as the war between palenstine and isreal. This is about business my man. You can’t mess up the economic system. Those that do get dealt with. There’s tons of smart ppl sitting in boardrooms executing well thought out missions of how to keep what’s in place in place. It’s bigger than a rivalry. If you have a high school athlete that’s going into division 1 sports this perspective should be important to you. #GoBucks



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