Former Buckeye Star Calls Jim Harbaugh His 'Favorite Coach' After His 'Revenue Share' Comments -
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Former Buckeye Star Calls Jim Harbaugh His ‘Favorite Coach’ After His ‘Revenue Share’ Comments

Former Ohio State RB great Maurice Clarett certainly won’t be making many friends in Columbus with his latest tweet about Jim Harbaugh. Ahead of the CFB Championship Game, Clarett said that Harbaugh is his favorite coach behind Jim Tressel for talking about revenue share and how the players should get a piece of the pie:

Harbaugh and the Wolverines take on Washington on Monday in Houston. 7:30PM EST is kickoff on ESPN.


Here was Clarett’s whole tweet:

I called this out yesterday on @itiswhatitis_talk when I was discussing why I’m rooting for Michigan. I don’t care what team you’ve played for and I don’t care what sport you’ve played. Jim Harbaugh and any other coach who has the balls to talk like this while on the national stage has to be celebrated and commended. He’s advancing the conversation and forcing people to have discussions about revenue and throwing out possible solutions for players to benefit. He’s now my favorite college coach after Jim Tressel. I don’t care about any rivalry that much. I care about the advancement of the sport. I was essentially suspended for improper benefits which derived from not having money. I understand and lived the downside of this. There’s lots of kids in similar situations. Much respect to Harbaugh and good luck to Michigan on Monday. I hope they win and he sings this message louder. I’m a Big 10 fan after Ohio State is out of the running. @coachclink is also like my older brother. We played for the same little league team as kids. Our entire families know one another. #youngstownboys

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