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Emory College analyzes Twitter conversations, shows which states are ready for College Football

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.13.01 PMEmory College analyzed Twitter conversations about College Football and determined which states are most ready for the College Football season to start.

From Emory:

The chart above is a Geo-based Twitter analysis of conversation about college football by state in the last six months.  We essentially rank states by the percentage of all Twitter conversations in that state that mention college football.  The top five states are: 1) Alabama, 2) Mississippi, 3) Tennessee, 4) South Carolina, and 5) West Virginia.

No surprise the Alabama is #1 in this analysis.  In fact, the only surprising part about the Top 5 is that West Virginia is in it, and it isn’t five different SEC states.  I’m also surprised that Idaho has talked about college football more than Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Florida.

[Emory College Blog]

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