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College Football on Fox Twitter Page Announces Butch Davis, not Butch Jones, as new Tennessee Head Coach

Let this be a lesson to everyone that tweets; always double-check your tweet for correct information before you send it.

It would be one thing if they had only swapped out Jones for Davis and still said “former Cincinnati Head Coach,” or something to that effect.  But the fact that they list Butch Davis and his resume, and then link to an article reporting that Butch Jones is the new Head Coach at Tennessee is not good.

The tweet has obviously been deleted and replaced by this one.

Not only was the article late, but the tweet announced the wrong person was taking the job.  Most people don’t click on the links provided, so it’s likely they wouldn’t know that this was wrong.  It could be worse though, Woody Paige of the Denver Post reported that Butch Jones was going to coach at Colorado on Wednesday.  Paige’s initial Tweet has also since been deleted.

Twitter may be an easy way to spread information quickly, but it also a way to spread incorrect information in a hurry.

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