Fight breaks out during Notre Dame-St. John's basketball game -

Fight breaks out during Notre Dame-St. John’s basketball game

Things turned ugly on Notre Dame’s senior night this Tuesday against St. John’s as senior Jack Cooley was walking off the court to a standing ovation.

With a little under two minutes remaining and the game easily in Notre Dame’s favor, ND’s Cameron Biedscheid and St. John’s Sir’ Dom Pointer got into a rumble.

Although the fight starts from off the camera, you can see that Pointer lands a couple solid punches on Biedscheid. Both players were ejected from the game. St. John’s Amir Garrett was ejected for leaving the bench.

Both Pointer and Biedscheid will miss the next game by NCAA rule. It’s possible the Johnnies will be without Pointer for the Big East tournament as well.





  1. dizzy wright
    March 6, 2013 - 

    lol fighting like girls.. no i take that back, girls fight better. look like a slap fight between toddlers. STILL very unacceptable for the sport of basketball lol.

  2. Mike D
    March 6, 2013 - 

    convicts vs gentleman. And still the gentleman killed them

    • McLovin
      March 7, 2013 - 

      As a huge ND fan even I must disagree with you. With about 3 min. left in the game and a 26 point lead the Irish kept throwing up (and hitting) threes with 33 seconds on the shot clock. You can see Brey jumping up and down in celebration. In a chippy game what was he thinking.No excuse for what sj did, but ND is supposed to show at least some class.

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