Did Chris Webber Take A Shot At His Former Fab Five Teammate?
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Did Chris Webber Take A Shot At His Former Fab Five Teammate Jalen Rose?

Chris Webber was on the call during the Chicago Bulls’ Game 1 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Webber, who has quickly become one of the NBA’s best broadcasters, may have dropped a subtle jab at Jalen Rose, his former Michigan teammate.

Near the end Monday’s TNT game, Jimmy Butler rolled his right ankle after landing on LeBron James’ foot.

While there’s not much to the video of Webber saying, “some defenders who can’t play defense stick their foot under guys,” here’s the interesting note – Jalen Rose is the founder of this dirty trick.

Rose, who injured Kobe Bryant’s foot during the 2000 NBA Finals by pulling off the ‘foot under jump shooter’ move, later admitted to intentionally doing it.


Here’s video of the injury Kobe suffered at the hands of Rose:


As far-fetched as it may seem, maybe there is something to Webber’s comments? The two former best-friends from Detroit apparently still haven’t made up since Webber denied any guilt in the Ed Martin scandal.

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