Clark Kellogg on Oladipo: "Like a baby's bottom, smooth and sometimes explosive" -

Clark Kellogg on Oladipo: “Like a baby’s bottom, smooth and sometimes explosive”

Clark Kellogg isn’t one to shy away from anything in his analysis of a basketball game.

When Indiana traveled to Columbus on Sunday to take on Ohio State, Kellogg looked to infant anatomy to describe Victor Oladipo’s game.

Oladipo is having a heck of year and climbing up NBA Draft boards. A front-runner (with Trey Burke) for B1G Player of the Year, Oladipo can take over a game on either end of the court. His high flying dunks often make it onto SportsCenter but it’s his defensive intensity that is driving force for No.1 Indiana. ¬†Get ready for a lot more references like this if Kellogg is the announcer for Oladipo and Indiana during March Madness.

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