Christian Laettner thinks he's a lock for Grantland's most hated player -
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Christian Laettner thinks he’s a lock for Grantland’s most hated player

Grantland unveiled a list of 32 of the most hated players in college basketball history over the last 30 years. The bracket is divided into four regions with the Blue Devils getting their own part, while the rest of the bracket is divided by eras: ’80s, ’90s and ’00s.

The No.1 seed in the Duke bracket is none other than Christian Laettner, the Duke forward who played in four Final Fours, winning two of them. Laettner, who the Fab Five called “soft, overrated and a pretty boy,” thinks he’s a lock to take Grantland’s Most Hated Player title.

grant_e_grantlandbracket_gb1_1152Via Grantland Click to enlarge 

Whoever wins out of the “J.J. Reddick vs. Christian Laettner” round of eight will probably take the championship. However, keep an eye on the 21st century bracket with Eric Devendorf, Joakim Noah and Tyler Hansbrough.



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