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Chris Webber tweets he is writing a book, will include his time at Michigan


Chris Webber took to Twitter on Tuesday night to discuss what he had been up to lately and to say that he was going to have a special announcement coming soon.

Chris Weber writing a book is interesting to say the least.  There is a lot he could choose to say about Michigan, but Michigan fans will be thankful that none of it could tarnish the basketball program anymore.  What will be more interesting is the fact that his dissociation with Michigan ends on Wednesday May 8th, and to see how Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon sees the book.  Michigan has been waiting for an apology from Webber for a long time, and if the book includes one, the Fab Five may be welcomed back at Michigan.  No word on what would happen if the book doesn’t include an apology and only slanders the University for leaving him out in the cold, but I would imagine it wouldn’t be good.

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