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Charles Barkley thinks Mountain West is a better conference than Big Ten


Apparently Charles Barkley hasn’t been watching any college basketball this season. Prior to Sunday’s Selection Show, Barkley was quoted as saying that the Mountain West and the Pac 12 were better conferences than the Big Ten.

The Mountain West has four solid teams in the tournament with New Mexico (3 seed), UNLV (5 seed), San Diego State (7 seed) and Colorado State (8 seed). There’s no way those teams and the rest of the conference are better than the teams from the Big Ten conference that made the tournament: Indiana (1 seed), Ohio State (2 seed), Michigan State (4 seed), Michigan (4 seed), Wisconsin (5 seed), Illinois (7 seed) and Minnesota (11 seed). The Pac 12 has five teams in the tournament.

‘Chuck, that’s turrrible.’


  1. Jay

    March 24, 2013 at

    The problem is that Chuck is a moron. He also know nothing of winning. Not in college, not in the NBA. Right know he has an entire country – and his colleagues – railing against him, and he still can’t admit he’s wrong. That’s the mark of true brilliance.

  2. Matt

    March 25, 2013 at

    Michigan State is a 3 seed, you have them listed as a 4

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