VIDEO: Charles Barkley Calls Fans Complaining about Teamcast "Idiots"
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Charles Barkley Calls Fans Complaining about New Teamcast “Idiots”

Sir Charles was at it again on Saturday night on CBS Sports’ panel with Clark Kellogg, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith.

As part of a new service provided by CBS and its other channels, TNT and TruTv, separate broadcasts are being provided that are tailored to each team playing in the Final Four’s fans. So, tonight for example, during the Wisconsin vs. Kentucky game, there was a Kentucky Teamcast broadcast and a Wisconsin Teamcast broadcast.

Some fans, however, did not understand this easy to understand concept. Confusing Teamcast broadcasts with the actual, neutral TBS broadcast, many fans tweeted at Kenny Smith, calling him and his employer biased. Charles Barkley, who refuses to create a Twitter account, took to the air to call out these fans, hilariously calling them all “idiots”.

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