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Michigan Athletic Director Jim Hackett sure does love to shoot for the stars. First, it was going after Jim Harbaugh. And now, he’s going to seek a contract that will keep Michigan at #1 in the Nation in terms of compensation. Michigan has met with Under Armour, Adidas and Nike and the so-called “Project Swag” is well underway.

The Detroit News has more:

“This week is the bottom of the seventh, to draw the parallel, so it’s not over yet,” Hackett said. “We’ve evaluated all three. They’re all extraordinary in their own ways, and I learned how extraordinary Michigan is to them. We’re starting to see the offers.”

Michigan’s contract with adidas, signed in 2007 and worth $8.2 million annually — $4.4 million in apparel and $3.8 million in cash — expires in July 2016.

“We have a Regents meeting coming up in June, and my target is to get them up to speed,” Hackett said of the June 18 meeting. “We need to make a decision by July 1 in order to be ready a year from now, including continuing with adidas because if we continue with adidas there will be alterations and things we’re going to do.”

Hackett was asked if all three proposals are financially competitive.

“I would be disappointed if it’s not the No. 1 in the country when we’re done,” Hackett said.

Hackett has even asked the student-athletes which apparel company they prefer, and though the results haven’t been released, I think it’s safe to assume that Nike was the front-runner.

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