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5th grade basketball phenom stars on high school varsity team

Who is taking whom to school? Is it the father/head coach or is it his 5th grade son who is the starting point guard for his high school team?

The 4-foot-five 11 year-old, Julian Newman, is the starting point guard for Downey Christian high schools Varsity basketball team .

Many people may want to talk about his height/age, but it’s his stats (12 ppg, 11 assists) that should be discussed. Unfortunately, Julian hasn’t got to the grade yet to calculate an average.

Newman, in fact, isn’t losing his high school eligibility by playing for Downey Christian High School according to the FHSAA.

“A student’s four-year limit of high school eligibility is not affected by the student’s participation in interscholastic athletics before beginning the ninth grade for the first time.”

Wonder if Neman’s teammates will show up to his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

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