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Trent Dilfer had prophetic conversation with Jameis Winston in 2011

At 1:04 of this video, Trent Dilfer makes an oddly prophetic remark during a conversation with Jameis Winston at the 2011 Elite 11 Camp.  Dilfer said:

“It’s going to come down to 3rd and 7 in the fourth quarter, down by 4, and they’re going to keep you in the pocket. They’re not going to let you be fast and quick and all that. And that’s going to be a mistake because you’re going to beat em’ here (points to his head)”

Come on now Trent, it was a 3rd and 8, not 3rd and 7 on the final drive for Florida State.  So close, yet so far.  Still absurdly impressive that this conversation happened two years ago.


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