Richard Sherman slaps Jim Harbaugh’s butt after win over 49ers

Sherman-Harbaugh-butt-slapRichard Sherman, who played under Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, gave his former coach a slap in the rear and a “good game, coach” during the post-game of the Sunday Night Football game between the 49ers and Seahawks. Sherman and Harbaugh do have some bad blood, however, after Sherman called Harbaugh a “Bully” last season. There’s also the story from Sherman and Earl Thomas that after the 49ers win last season Harbaugh honked at and mocked the Seahawks’ team bus

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Even though the game was quite lopsided, the Seahawks won 29-3. We can’t wait until these two teams meet next on December the 8th.

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  1. Jon

    September 16, 2013 at

    Haha! Sherman talks the talk.. And walks the walks! Go Hawks!!! Niners coach is a d-bag and deserved that slap elsewhere .

  2. Michael J. Skalitzky

    September 16, 2013 at

    Now this was classic.

  3. K.J. Hinton

    September 16, 2013 at

    I played Army football decades ago (early 80’s)… and after we’d win (And we won a lot… 25 and 2 over 2 years) in Bad Kreuznach the team chant would be:

    “What did we do? Spank dat booty!

    What did we do? Spank dat booty.

    Who are we? A-G!

    Who are we? A-G!

    Who are weee? AAAAAAAAA-G… to dah bone!”

    So, what did Sherman do?

    Why, he spanked dat booty!

    (“AG” referred to 8th AG Company, an extraordinary group of paper pushers.)

  4. angelene

    September 16, 2013 at

    Nice article. I hate your font tho. The lowercase “E” looks all tarded..

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