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Alabama Bar turns Johnny Manziel into Piñata

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It seems that the Alabama Crimson Tide fans are taking their rematch with the Texas A&M Aggies very seriously.  Otey’s Tavern, a bar in Mountain Brook’s Crestline Village, created a 30-inch high Johnny Manziel Piñata for customers to take a shot at during their Wednesday night trivia.

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“We don’t know what we are going to do with it besides hang it up in the tavern and see if we can’t get some people to come by and take pictures, and then maybe we will have a bashing on Wednesday night,” Otey’s owner Will Haver told Birmingham News today. “Or, if he can make it all the way to the football game on Saturday, then after the game, we may do it some more.”

Johnny Piñata — who is filled with prizes and gift cards — is Otey’s way of having a little good-humored fun at Manziel’s expense, Haver said.

“It’s fun to take a whack at a piñata,” he said. “It’s all in good spirit and fun, to poke at Texas A&M and Johnny Football.”

Keeping customers from busting Johnny Piñata open too soon may be the biggest challenge, Haver added.

“That’s going to be the challenge, keeping it intact,” he said. “I’m sure most people want to go ahead and have a go at it.”

It looks like this might be the start of a heated new SEC rivalry.


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