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St. Louis Rams are having a Smack Cam war during Training Camp

The rigors of training camp can grind down players and it appears the St. Louis Rams have found a way to entertain themselves.  A Smack Cam is when you smack an unsuspecting friend in the face with something and then post it as a Vine video.  The St. Louis Rams website even issued rules for the war:

The rules are pretty simple: it’s a game for players only. If any player is at any time wearing team issued Rams gear, he’s fair game. The Rams’ version of Smack Cam involves whipped cream pies and though it’s been pre-dominantly a defensive-oriented game so far, anyone is fair game.

Most of the videos come from Trumaine Johnson’s Vine account, so I’m sure there are going to be guys looking out for him and trying to get him back.

Cortland Finnegan had the best attempt though when he got Chris Long during a live interview with NFL Network.

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