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Tyler Seguin sends ill-advised tweet about Texas, claims he was hacked

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 11.57.44 PMLess than two days after being traded to the Dallas Stars in a blockbuster trade, former Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin sent out an ill-advised tweet.  To say it was ill-advised is putting it nicely, because this was flat-out stupid.  He’s 21-years-old and 21-year-olds do dumb things, but when you have as many followers as Seguin has (270,000+), you have to be smarter with your tweets.

And like clock work, Seguin claimed he was hacked.

Let’s be honest, not every bad tweet sent from a celebrity or athlete is from a “hacker.”  Just like the adderall claim by NFLers, this excuse should no longer be accepted.

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