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Dave Bolland levels Mike Richards with questionable hit late in 3rd period

Late in the third period the Los Angeles Kings were down 2-1 and were desperately trying to add the game-tying goal.  Kings forward Mike Richards had the puck down by the net and tried to tuck it short side when Chicago Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland crushed him.  Bolland left his feet on the play, raising the question as to why a penalty wasn’t called.  Bolland tried to use his hip/back to target Richards’ head, which is why he left his feet for the check.  He did a good job trying to disguise it and make it look like he was trying to avoid contact, but he jumps right at Richards.  Bolland won’t be suspended for the play, but you have to wonder why a penalty wasn’t called.

[YouTube] [GIF via: Eye on Hockey]

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