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Atrocious penalty call waves off Blackhawks go-ahead goal in Game 7

The Detroit Red Wings caught a huge break with under two minutes remaining in Game 7 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

After Henrik Zetterberg was tripped up leaving the Wings zone by Brandon Saad, Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey went over to Saad and shoved him into the bench. Blackhawks forward Andrew Shawk picked up the puck and passed it to Niklas Hjalmarsson and he ripped a bomb past Jimmy Howard, giving them a 2-1 lead with less than 2 min left.

In a strange turn of events, the goal was waved off on the most controversial call of the playoffs when the referees called coincidentals on Quincey and Saad. The call sent the teams to 4 on 4 and it seems fitting that the last Western Conference series between the Red wings and Blackhawks went to a game 7 overtime. If you listen closely you can hear the whistle blow before Hjalmarsson scores, but that doesn’t remove the controversy of the call.

The penalty call ended up not mattering as Brent Seabrook of the Blackhawks would score the eventual winner in OT.


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