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Third Grader says “9 times 9 equals Hossa” on Math Test

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Chicago Blackhawks fan Maggie Ciara is a third grade student at Columbus Manor Elementary in Illinois.  On the math test, Maggie answered 9 times 9 with “Hossa” rather than writing 81.  The reasoning behind it, is Hossa’s number on the Blackhawks is 81, but her teacher was baffled as to why she answered the question that way.

Justin Breen of DNAinfo Chicago spoke with Maggie’s teacher and wrote about the incident:

Her teacher, Christine Mech, circled the answer and wrote “What is this?” in red pen. When Maggie explained her response, Mech gave her credit, and she received an A+.

“Maggie is a very clever little girl,” said Mech, who’s a Hawks fan and knew what Maggie was up to. “I love the way Maggie has a sense of humor. She did get her 100 percent on the quiz, and we had a little bit of a laugh afterward.”

Maggie’s mother, Diane, posted a photo of the exam Wednesday afternoon, and it already has more than 1,300 “Likes” on Facebook. It even has appeared on the Blackhawks official Facebook page.

This girl is very clever and an inspiration to hockey fans everywhere.  I am a bit curious as to why the math test has the same questions multiple times, but that’s another story.

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