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Mr. T scores during Chicago Blackhawks “Shoot The Puck” intermission contest

A lot of teams in different levels of hockey do contests during the intermissions like this.  Often times they’re called “Score-O” and the fan has to shoot a puck from the blue line or red line through a hole in a board that covers the net.  For the Chicago Blackhawks contest, they first shoot at a net that has a board with three holes and if they make one, they move on to a net that has one hole.  Three shots per net, but no word on what the prize usually is.  Fans don’t always make it in, but on Tuesday night during the Blackhawks game a celebrity made his appearance in the contest.

After Mr. T said that he pitied the puck and that he predicted pain was going to happen, he lined up quite unconventionally.  I didn’t think Mr. T would put the puck anywhere near the net when he lined up at center ice with his unconventional shooting motion and grip on the stick, but he buried it right down the middle on his final shot attempt of the first net.  He wanted to quit right there while he was ahead, but they wouldn’t let him and forced him to shoot on the net with one hole.  He missed all three shots on that net badly and seemed dejected at the end.  Mr. T did know what he was doing though because he participated in the same shooting contest two years ago.  I wonder how long we will have to wait until he does it again.

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