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Wayne Simmonds tunes up Mike Weber in fight after crushing Tyler Ennis

The hit that Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds delivered to Tyler Ennis wasn’t a dirty or malicious one, even though it was from behind.  The Buffalo Sabres forward was merely trying to turn and protect the puck, and he turned as Simmonds was hitting him.  It was a bang-bang play and Simmonds didn’t have time to react.  The referees were not going to call a penalty and so Mike Weber decided to go after Simmonds.  Unfortunately for Weber, Simmonds was waiting for someone to come after him and had his gloves off faster than Weber did.  After landing some big blows and getting Weber to drop to his knees, rather than continue throwing, Simmonds did the courteous thing and covered up Weber to end the tilt.


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