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Tom Coughlin on The Daily Show

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was on The Daily Show with John Stewart and talked about his new book, “Earn The Right To Win.”  When discussing a certain excerpt of the book, he brought up All-Pro offensive guard Chris Snee and his leadership skills.  After complimenting Snee, John Stewart brought up the fact that Snee is married to one of Coughlin’s daughters, and asked him if he had a son-in-law that wasn’t good at football, would he still give him playing time on the Giants?  Coughlin jokingly responded by saying that his daughter’s wouldn’t be allowed to marry bad football players, which would clearly solve any potential issue.  Sure he may have been acting like he was kidding, but I’d be willing to bet that Coughlin was dead serious.  The holidays must be more interesting when you’re married to your head coach’s daughter.

[The Daily Show]

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