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Fan jumps on ice during Flames-Sharks game in his boxers

On Wednesday night one of the rarities occurred in hockey, when a fan climbed over the boards and glass to get onto the ice to go running around in his boxers.  How he managed to get over the boards in the corner where he was coming out from is beyond me, but he did it somehow.  At least this time it was between periods when the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks were playing.

The last time there was a streaker in the NHL was 2002, also in Calgary.  The Flames were playing the Boston Bruins when a streaker wearing only his socks, climbed over the glass to the penalty box onto the ice and then slipped and fell, knocking himself unconscious.  This fan though was far more successful, making it out past center ice before rink staff skated out to get him.

[Puck Daddy Blog]

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